Potcha's Twish Swaney interviews Graham Sorkin, Marys Medicinals
Potcha's Twish Swaney interviews Graham Sorkin, Marys Medicinals

Transdermal Cannabis Patch Wins “Most Innovative Product”

DENVER, 3 April, 2015 –Colorado-based company Mary’s Medicinals took the “Most Innovative Product” award at the CannAwards 2015 for its transdermal cannabis patch.

Also recognized in the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup and as Most Innovative Product at the 2014 Cannabis Business Awards, the thin, all-natural patches are applied to the skin like a nicotine or birth control patch and deliver up to 12 hours of time-released cannabinoid.  Available in sic different mixes:  THC Indica, THC Sativa, THCa, CBN, CBD and CBD/THC, the patches offer a convenient and consistent delivery method some patients may prefer above consuming an edible.

“People are re-thinking how cannabis is used,” said Nicole Smith, CEO of Mary’s Medicinals. The company is primarily focused on developing cutting edge approaches for isolating, manufacturing and delivering medicinal cannabis.

In March 2015 award-winning researcher Dr. Noel Palmer joined the company as Chief Scientist, with a particular focus on the development of the new Mary’s Nutritionals line.

Picture:  Dan Swaney / Potcha


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