Oakland Airport Baggage Handlers Busted

OAKLAND, CA. 19 May, 2015 — Three Southwest Airlines baggage handlers face charges after being busted smuggling cannabis through Oakland International Airport for distribution throughout the country. The baggage handlers allegedly shipped marijuana as cargo, using employee discounts, and also used passengers who worked knowingly as mules.
In a federal indictment released on Monday, details of the sting operation were revealed. Prosecutors allege that the baggage handlers were part of a larger drug trafficking organization and used their security clearances to move backpacks and duffel bags full of marijuana through the airport. The bags would then be given as carry-on luggage to passenger-mules who had already passed through TSA security.
Investigators first began tracking the trafficking operation in May 2013 when they arrested a Dublin man, Kameron Kordero Eldridge Davis, who arrived on a flight from Oakland carrying 11 pounds of marijuana in a backpack. Davis told investigators he had made prior trips to Nashville transporting as much as 30 pounds of marijuana, provided by contact at Oakland airport.
Kenneth Fleming, Keith Mayfield and Michael Videau have been arrested and charged with conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute 100 or more kilograms of marijuana. The defendants could face up to 40 years in federal prison and a $5 million fine.

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