Picture Courtesy of Nestdrop
Picture Courtesy of Nestdrop

Nestdrop Expands Medical Marijuana Delivery Service

PRESS RELEASE, LOS ANGELES, CA — Nestdrop, the technology company behind the first in-App, on-demand medical marijuana delivery service, has expanded its reach to new markets including Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and more, with additional cities like San Diego and more being available to service patients in the near future.

IPhone users can text “smile” to 27126 to have the app sent to their device and android users can download the app on Google Play. Nestdrop launched a new web & mobile storefront that will allow desktop users to place their medical marijuana order. To celebrate the launch of the new markets, all orders placed by April 20 will receive $20 off with promo code DROP420.

“Nestdrop helps add a much needed level of privacy, service, and dependability to the medical marijuana marketplace and we are incredibly excited to bring responsible delivery options to new cities,” said Nestdrop co-founder Michael Pycher. “We are helping people that for whatever reason, may be uncomfortable going to a dispensary or prefer further privacy in order to access their medicinal needs. Some call it weed. Some call it relief. To us, we’re delivering smiles.”

Nestdrop has added its medical marijuana services to the following markets:

Seattle, WA
Portland, OR
San Francisco, CA
Stockton, CA
Pasadena/Glendale, CA
Oceanside, CA
Garden Grove, CA
Cerritos/Fullerton, CA

As part of the registration process, medical marijuana patients upload a photo of a doctor’s recommendation and government issued ID. Once a patient is verified, which can take as little as 30 seconds, they will have full access to the same medicine that they are used to getting in-person, for the same donation amount.

Nestdrop deliveries are made in an hour or less and are currently cash donation upon delivery.

Nestdrop is compliant with all local and state medical marijuana laws and takes security and age limits seriously. All orders are securely processed using a 256-bit encrypted “token.” Anyone requesting medicinal marijuana must be of legal age, with proof of ID required before ordering and at time of delivery.

Nestdrop is a communication platform that connects medical marijuana patients with local dispensaries and is not an actual dispensary service. Nestdrop helps diminish the proliferation of storefront locations that may be unwanted near schools, residential neighborhoods, and other protected areas. Delivering patients their medicine keeps them from having to strain themselves while already in a vulnerable position. An online storefront also allows for monitored deliveries, keeps medicated patients off the roads and provides a digital stamp of each transaction. Previously, medical marijuana patients relied on unverified reviews to order their medicine to be delivered without any knowledge of where it came from. Nestdrop only works with State Licensed dispensaries so patients can feel secure when ordering.

To further aid the patient’s digital experience, Nestdrop worked with local doctors to categorize the available medicine based on the relief it provides. There are various symptoms patients can choose from including nausea, insomnia, pain, anxiety and spasms. Available medicine is dependent upon the supply of local dispensaries and will come in the choice of CBD, flower, edible, concentrate, and tinctures.

From now until April 20, medical marijuana patients can receive $20 off all orders using promo code DROP420.

Nestdrop is currently available as an App on Google Play for Android devices. iOS users can visit http://mobilestore.nestdrop.com or text “smile” to 27126 and have the link sent to them.

Medical marijuana patients can also place orders directly off the Nestdrop website at http://www.nestdrop.com.


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