FOX News Poll Finds Majority Support Legalization.

NEW YORK, NY — FOX News just joined the party–the one where everyone is dancing on the grave of marijuana prohibition. For the first time ever, a FOX Poll found a majority of American favor legalizing marijuana. The poll, released late last week, found 51% of Americans surveyed favor legalizing marijuana. 44%  opposed. The findings are consistent with results from a variety of other national polls onducted in the past few months.

Typically conservative-leaning, the FOX News poll found a majority of Republicans oppose reform  (59%) while legalizing cannabis is supported by Democrats (62%) and independent voters (53%). However, millennial voters under 35 years continue to move the needle – tipping support in the FOX News poll and all others over the past year.  In February, Pew found 63% of Republican millennials support legalization.

The FOX News poll, which can be viewed here, was conducted between April 19-21, 2015.  The poll sampled 1,102 registered voters nationwide, and has a margin of error of +/- 3%.

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Mark Hudson is a writer and app. developer who returned to Colorado in 2013 after fifteen years working overseas.

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