First Large Nevada Cannabis Farm Breaks Ground

LAS VEGAS, NV. 27 May, 2015 – Nevada’s 9300 medical marijuana patients won’t need to grow their own for much longer. The states first large commercial cannabis farm broke ground on Wednesday. Nevada Pure, a football field-sized grow operation will harvest up to 18,000 plants per crop.

Kathy Gillespie, a Nevada Pure co-owner, said the facility will house a nursery, grow rooms, trimming and storage areas, and will be manned around the clock. Extensive security will include motion detectors and over 250 cameras.

At present, medical marijuana in Nevada is grown by patients themselves or by caregivers. The state legalized medical marijuana use in 2000, however no system was authorized for commercial in-state access until 2013. Since the new program was established, Nevada has issued 55 dispensary licenses and over 300 permits to growers, testing laboratories and edibles producers. However, red-tape around pesticide standards has prevented grow operations and dispensaries from starting business for the past year.

The issue was finally resolved in May, and the work of supplying cannabis to Nevada’s MMJ card-holding patients can now proceed. Initially, Nevada Pure will clone plants donated by patients and caregivers, who are permitted to donate twelve plants each. Gillespie expects to have plants by August and product by mid-September to meet demand from the state’s new dispensaries.

About Rob Taylor

Rob Taylor is a staff writer for Potcha who left the advertising industry fifteen years ago to live off the grid. A medical cannabis patient, he enjoys tinkering with grow techniques that enhance the strains he finds most effective in treating his condition.

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