Farmers Market in Arizona Marijuana Bust

GLENDALE, AZ. 15 May, 2015 — In a raid on the 7Ten Club “farmers’ market” narcotics detectives seized marijuana and detained nine people on Wednesday. The raid came after a four-week surveillance operation during which undercover narcotics detectives purchased cannabis from vendors in 18 allegedly illegal transactions, according to a Glendale Police Department statement.

Sergeant David Vidaure said the farmers’ markets operated “under the guise of our current medical marijuana laws, but were nowhere within the boundaries of those laws and regulations.” The club owners said that anyone who came into the 7Ten was required to show a state-issued medical-marijuana card.

A vendor present during the raid told Ray Stern of the Phoenix New Times that he was not taken into custody but would face criminal charges in due course. The vendor, who requested his name be kept private, said “I think they just came in stole our weed.” He admits he was over the 2.5-ounce statutory limit for a patient, saying, “That was my bad.” He added that police allowed people at “four or five tables” leave without any hassle because they “had nothing but edibles.”

In addition to the charges filed against the owners and venders arrested at the 7Ten club, twenty other people will face charges. Search warrants were executed on multiple locations in the Phoenix area. “A residence in Glendale had the equipment necessary to operate a hash oil extraction lab,” Vidaure’s statement said. “These labs have led to explosions that cause large amounts of property damage and serious injury.” From the five properties searched, police seized a total of 50lbs of cannabis, hash oil and a quantity of methamphetamine, along with 13 firearms and U.S. currency.

Promoting itself as “Arizona’s premier medical marijuana club,” the 7Ten held farmers’ markets twice a week, where cannabis, edibles, and “shatter” (a butane-extracted hash oil concentrate, or BHO, sought after by stoners) were sold. The club is a popular community venue which also hosts musicians, comedians, and

In a post on their Facebook page on 15 May, the club wanted to set the record straight on the seizures, saying, “…there was no meth taken from the 7ten and nobody was charged for that.”  The post said the amounts reported by police were the total from all all 5 properties.



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