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Potcha News supports free speech and encourages discussion of all articles we publish. While we expect discussion from all viewpoints on every issue, sometimes heated discussion, we request that conversations are kept civil. If profanities are used, Potcha News will not censor or remove such comments provided they also contribute in good faith to the discussion.

Our comments system is provided by a Disqus, but registering an account is not required. Readers may guest post comments, register an account with Disqus, or sign in to Disqus via their Disqus, Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus accounts in order to participate in the discussion.

When commenting, please keep the following in mind:

    • Comments containing external links will be automatically held for moderation.
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    • Comments held for moderation will usually appear within 24 hours, unless declined by the moderator.
    • Advertising of any kind within commenting discussions is strictly prohibited. Users who repeatedly advertise within comments risk a permanent ban from the discussion.
    • Hate speech should be taken elsewhere. Comments that attack religious, ethnic, or other groups of individuals are subject to removal.

Comments that are repeatedly flagged as inappropriate by the community will be automatically removed and held for moderation by our third-party commenting system.  Upon review by moderators, those comments may be restored or removed.

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