Hemp Farming Gets Hip Again


DENVER, CO. May 12, 2015. Story by Mark Hudson/Potcha — Americans love hemp. We’re the world’s largest consumers of hemp products, a fact that has made hemp-growing nations rich on our dime. Take Canada. Hemp is a $1 billion a year industry for our northern neighbor, thanks largely to American ...

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A Puff a Day Treats Mom’s Alzheimer’s

Alzheimers elderly

BOULDER, COLORADO. 11 May, 2015. Op-ed by Rob Taylor/Potcha News — The cops could arrest my mom any day. She’s in her seventies and has Alzheimer’s disease, which she treats with marijuana. A puff a day of THC (the psycho-active ingredient in cannabis) has been more effective and inexpensive than ...

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Scientists Discover “Smoking Gun” Driver for Aging


Scientists could be a big step closer to reversing aging with the discovery  of a “smoking gun” chemical trigger for aging that can be retooled with gene editing techniques.  You can’t go buy a magic fountain-of-youth pill tomorrow, but the finding reported this week by Salk Institute researchers could have ...

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Colorado A Year On

Colorado Hens Confused

BOULDER, CO. 17 April, 2015 — The sky did not fall. It’s more than a year since Colorado legalized cannabis sales. Pot shops have sprung up all over the map, medical dispensaries have added recreational cannabis to their inventory and watched sales skyrocket, the state has collected taxes of $58 ...

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