Poll Finds 81% Favor Legal Medical Marijuana


NEW YORK, NY. 12 May, 2015 — Only a tiny 3-10 percent of adults believe marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol across a range of questions including driving impairment and mental health impacts. And four out of five Americans support legalization of medical marijuana, according to a Harris nationwide poll ...

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FOX News Poll Finds Majority Support Legalization.


NEW YORK, NY — FOX News just joined the party–the one where everyone is dancing on the grave of marijuana prohibition. For the first time ever, a FOX Poll found a majority of American favor legalizing marijuana. The poll, released late last week, found 51% of Americans surveyed favor legalizing ...

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POLL: Swing State Voters Support Legalization

POLLING- Quin_April-2015

HAMDEN, CT — According to survey data released Monday by Quinnipiac University.The majority of voters in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania support permitting adults to possess marijuana legally, and super-majorities in all three states endorse allowing doctors to recommend cannabis therapy, 55 percent of Florida voters say that they support allowing adults “to ...

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