Jamaican Reform Could Curtail Police Brutality


KINGSTON, JAMAICA. 17 April, 2015 —  Decriminalization came too late for young men like Garfield Coburn, Mario Deane and Oshane Dothlyn,victims of deadly use of force by Jamaican police. An amendment to Jamaica’s Dangerous Drug Act took effect Wednesday, establishing licensing and protections for medical, scientific and religious use of ...

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Colorado A Year On

Colorado Hens Confused

BOULDER, CO. 17 April, 2015 — The sky did not fall. It’s more than a year since Colorado legalized cannabis sales. Pot shops have sprung up all over the map, medical dispensaries have added recreational cannabis to their inventory and watched sales skyrocket, the state has collected taxes of $58 ...

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New Poll: Virginia Voters Ready to Legalize

SoU Virginia

HAMDEN, CT — A massive 86% majority of Virginia voters now support legalizing medical marijuana and 54% want recreational use legalized also. The Quinnipiac University Swing State Poll released Tuesday, reflects a rapid increase in support among voters nationwide. With Colorado the “guinea pig” example proving the sky has not fallen ...

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