Brits Open First UK Hemp Products Pharmacy

Image: courtesy Carun

LONDON, U.K. 16 May, 2015 — Our British friends opened the first UK hemp products pharmacy yesterday, in Twickenham, South London. “Carun” is offering a range of high-end CBD- and hemp-based health and beauty products aiming to provide customers with the “healing super-powers” of hemp. In answer to questions as ...

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Farmers Market in Arizona Marijuana Bust


GLENDALE, AZ. 15 May, 2015 — In a raid on the 7Ten Club “farmers’ market” narcotics detectives seized marijuana and detained nine people on Wednesday. The raid came after a four-week surveillance operation during which undercover narcotics detectives purchased cannabis from vendors in 18 allegedly illegal transactions, according to a ...

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Tennessee Gets DEA Permit for Hemp Seeds


NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE. 15 May, 2015 — The hemp seeds should have gone in the ground three weeks ago, but just as farmer threw up their hands, the federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) finally approved Tennessee’s application to import certified industrial hemp seeds from Canada for research purposes. The seeds can ...

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Long-shot Texas Marijuana Bills Die

Austin Texas - new cannabis capitol?

AUSTIN, TEXAS. 15 May, 2015 – In an apparent about-face Rep. Todd Hunter has refused to schedule two marijuana bills for debate on the Texas House floor. Hunter had previously agreed to bring House Bills 507 and 2165 to the floor, according to Heather Fazio, Texas Political Director for the ...

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Can New DEA Head Clean House?

Image: CBS News

WASHINGTON, DC. 14 May, 2015 – Chuck Rosenberg will have the job of cleaning house at the DEA, as its new head, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced Wednesday. Rosenberg, the FBI director’s chief of staff, steps into the shoes of Michele Leonhart, a Drug Enforcement Agency administrator best known to ...

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Medical Marijuana Passes in PA Senate

Rally 2014 Pennsylvania

HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA. 13 May, 2015 – On Tuesday afternoon, Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana bill, Senate Bill 3, was passed by an overwhelming majority (40-7). Amid a groundswell of bipartisan support, the bill is expected to become law, finally establishing an effective, regulated medical cannabis program and a state licensing board for ...

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Hemp Farming Gets Hip Again


DENVER, CO. May 12, 2015. Story by Mark Hudson/Potcha — Americans love hemp. We’re the world’s largest consumers of hemp products, a fact that has made hemp-growing nations rich on our dime. Take Canada. Hemp is a $1 billion a year industry for our northern neighbor, thanks largely to American ...

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