Cannabis Testing Begins in Nevada Lab

LAS VEGAS, NV. 27 May, 2015 — Cannabis testing begins in Nevada today, after months of bureaucratic limbo, with state officials deliberating over pesticide and contamination standards. DigiPath Labs is now providing a full range of marijuana analysis at its Las Vegas laboratory under the direction of Cindy Orser, PhD.
“We are pleased that Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health officials took their time and exercised great care while developing a list of requirements for marijuana testing,” Dr. Orser said in a press release. “Cannabis contains hundreds of different medicinal compounds—each effective for treating specific medical conditions—and we haven’t adopted a standardized way of growing it. Testing cannabis products for unhealthy levels of contaminants and medicinal potency is the only way to ensure product safety and potential efficacy.”
DigiPath Labs, a subsidiary of DigiPath, Inc. (OTCQB: DIGP, temporarily changed to: DIGPD) offers cannabis growers and marijuana-based product-makers advanced scientific testing using state of the art analytical instrumentation at their flagship facility. Company president Todd Denkin, said,  “Our analysis not only helps product producers and dispensaries screen out products with dangerous levels of contaminants, we also quantify the medicinal compounds present in samples, so patients and caregivers can choose products that have been shown to relieve their specific symptoms.”
The commencement of testing has been welcomed by dispensaries that could not open for business until they could test their products in order to meet state compliance requirements.

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Mark Hudson is a writer and app. developer who returned to Colorado in 2013 after fifteen years working overseas.

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