Advertise Locally

Raise Your Profile In Your Specific Area.Potcha can provide low cost Internet advertising directly to potential customers in your city, metro area, state or zip code.Stretch Your Advertising Budget Further – Pay Only for What You Need. We charge by the click or impression, based on ads served directly to readers in your area, and no other. We do not charge by the day or month, you know exactly how many times your ad will be seen or clicked.

Never Go Over Budget

Decide whether you want to pay by the click or impression and how much you want to spend at a time. Your ad will run until all of the impressions or clicks you’ve purchased have been shown to someone in your targeted area. Your ad then ceases automatically and there are no more charges. Of course, you can renew if you want to extend your campaign.

3 Sizes. 1 Price.

We’ve kept our ad sizes simple — and standard. We offer only IAB Standard ad unit sizes: 728×90, 300×250, and 300×600. You can use any combination of sizes in your campaign. If you need custom ad designs, our team will be happy to come up with something that pops.

Drop Us a Line

If you are interested in advertising to a local market, please contact us at

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